6 Pieces of Writing Advice I’ll Never Stop Giving

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As a writing coach, I find myself doling out writing advice quite often. Because many writers are negative Nellys (sorry, but it’s true), most of these are meant to counter the negative with something positive.

Turn these into mantras whenever you’re struggling.

1. You can do it.

YOU SERIOUSLY CAN. Most of the reasons you can’t are made up. Stop doubting yourself.

2. Words are words.

If you wrote more than zero words today, that’s worth celebrating. No matter how slow or how few words you write, you’ll still have more than you did yesterday. It’s not about how fast you write, it’s about finishing your book. Yes, even if it takes you years. Keep writing.

3. *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* 

Okay, that’s not really advice, but it is encouragement. Because you know what? Someone’s cheering for you. SO KEEP WRITING.

4. You can’t edit what’s not there.

Everyone’s so worried about messing up that they do nothing at all. And you know what that gets you? Nothing. Even if you’ve written the worst piece of literature in the entire universe, you’ve got more than someone who hasn’t written anything.

5. Everything is fixable.

I get growly when people give up because something isn’t working. I want to take them by the shoulders and shake them until they realize how silly they’re being.

People tend to see failure as everything I do is utter shit and I should never try writing again because I really suck at it and not, “Hey, maybe I should change my writing process.” Nine times out of 10, you just need to tweak something because you’re attempting to shove a square peg into a circular hole.

6. If you’re talking about writing, you’re not writing.

This is where I wag my teacher finger at you. I hear you saying, “I’m going to write a book!” and two months later you’ve done nothing but made a few halfhearted “I should be writing” tweets. If you want to write, write. Stop yammering.

What’s your favorite writing advice?


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