Where Has Amanda Been? (2015 Recap, Plus 2016 Goals)

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*claws back into the blogging world*

I’ve gone pretty silent in the past few months, and the last couple especially, but I promise it’s not because I fell off the face of the planet… just that my life got so busy that blogging lost priority.

It may or may not be a goal of mine to get better with blogging this year, but that’s getting ahead of myself.

To know where to go, you have to know where you’ve been

That means we have to discuss 2015 before we can dive into 2016. Last year marked my return to full-time employment… but it forced me into developing a regular writing habit, and my numbers (which are OUTSTANDING compared to previous years) reflect that.

Here’s what my numbers for 2015 look like, per month:

  • January: 4,695
  • February: 1,426
  • March: 12,763
  • April: 9,914
  • May: 12,351
  • June: 16,975
  • July: 62,784
  • August: 32,529
  • September: 19,354
  • October: 21,547
  • November: 50,506
  • December: 0

In total? That’s 244,844 words for the year. December was the craziest month for me, non-writing wise, so the bulk of what I did was prepare for edits on Redemption. But that’s 244,844 words for the year while working full-time for most of the year (I had an eight week break this summer).

Despite writing all those words, not all of them will be published in 2016 (or perhaps ever?). 2015 was really about me learning about myself as a writer, what I can accomplish, and what works the best for me.

That does mean my 100k project that I completed in August may not be published any time soon. BUT I’m okay with that, because I moved on to something even better, and that I’m behind 100%, which is more important than anything, at least in this case.

So 2015? It was a resounding success for me, even though I only published one new book (A Veiled Truth) and released a bundle of The Hunted series.

Looking forward to the new year

What does 2016 have in store for me? I’m so glad you asked! In many ways, 2016 is going to be the year of marketing, so while I do have plans to release at least one book (Redemption) and write my butt off, I’m going to focus on releasing and promoting my books in a way that’s most beneficial to build as much momentum as possible.

2016 is really about building on what I learned in 2015 so I can be the best, most efficient and effective author I can be. It’s fitting in writing more so I can produce faster. (Or at least writing and editing different projects simultaneously.)

I also have a few other things up my sleeve, which I’m not ready to talk about just quite yet.

So 2016? I’m really going to rock it.

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