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I started 2016 full of intentions and plans for publishing. I’d finished the first draft of Redemption in November 2015, and figured I could push it out into the world at some point in 2016.

That didn’t happen.

But other, amazing things happened. We adopted Scarlet. I traveled to Alaska and nurtured my love for adventure. I was able to spend more time with my brother than I have in years. Two more nieces made their entrances into the world.

2016 came with downs, too. If anything, 2016 taught me that life has a tendency to get in the way of the goals I set for myself. Rather than start 2017 with goals, let me tell you what I’ve got going on.

Tony and Drea stories

I’ve written One Night and One Year, and I should be working on One Lifetime instead of writing this post. (Ha.) They’re each about 10,000 words long.

My cover designer is working on a book cover for the compilation of these stories. At some point (hopefully soon), I’ll reveal the title and synopsis. This will be the first of my releases this year.


At the end of October, I sent Redemption to betas. With that feedback now returned, I have my work cut out for me… but the draft is in pretty good shape.

Redemption is set in the month of April, which means I’m shooting for an April release. But a lot can happen between now and April. Especially when…

New job!

I started a new job in December. It’s brought more changes to my life, but I know I’m in the right spot. A new job means a new focus, and this is a big part of the reason why I’m hesitant to set firm publishing goals. Getting up to speed in a new job requires a lot of mental energy.

It will be energy well spent. 2016 reaffirmed that I need to be in an office environment. I’m incredibly lucky to work for a company with a strong and much-needed mission, to be back in the publishing world, and to work with people who have made me feel welcome and part of a family from day one.

Book 2

The book that comes after Redemption. I wrote approximately 13,000 good words on book 2 in November. I stopped writing, for a variety of reasons, but I’ll pick this back up once I’m finished getting the Tony-Drea stories and Redemption in publishing shape.

I’m really excited about the direction of book 2, but it will take some skillful plotting to get it to come together.

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