August 2013 Goals

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Every month, I meet with the lovely Stephanie Cleary and Corey Freeman to discuss how we’re going to become millionaires.

But I wanted a way to be even more proactive with my goals, so I’m using this blog to hold myself accountable. And because it’s closer to the 15th than the 1st, I’m going to use this post as check-in.

Ready? Here we go.

Publish Blog Events [DONE]

Blog Smarter ebook [Ongoing]

I printed off Blog Smarter and am working my way through it with a red pen. My ultimate goal is to expand it. It’s too short as is.

Write two blog posts about writing and publishing [Ongoing]

I wrote First Draft Sucks for The Path of Least Revision. It was fun and seemed to be well-received. I have no idea what post #2 will be.

Deal with my webcam [Ongoing]

Google+ recognizes my webcam because it lets me use the microphone, but it doesn’t let me use video. I’m wondering if it’s trying to tell me something about my appearance. (I really don’t think it’s that awful, Google. But whatever.)

One day per weekend of NO business [Ongoing]

The first weekend of doing this was AWESOME. I have every attempt of continuing it, but I also have doubts about my ability to stay away. So we’ll see.

Go for a walk, for a bike ride, or other non-working adventure three times/week [Ongoing]

First full week in August and I might fail at this. Two out of three days isn’t bad. Right?

Survive Bout of Books

Bout of Books won’t start until the 19th, but I have good feelings about this one. It doesn’t seem to be as big as our 500 person one in May. And I’m just trying to be more relaxed about it in general.


4 responses to “August 2013 Goals

  1. Yay ALL the things! You have places to frolic so no excuse. Going to the kitchen is about as great of an adventure as I get around here. So, you know, there’s that.

    What about a post about the editing process? Any tips you use for revision?

    I want to be millionaires with you, Corey, and Stephanie too. *pouts*

    • It’ll only be nice for a couple more months and then I’ll be whining about how cold it is. *whines* IT’S NOT EVEN ZERO DEGREES TODAY *whines more* Actually, I tend not to whine publicly because there’s always someone who’s like, “You think that’s bad? It’s colder here.” Hmph.

      Hey! I did write a post about my editing process. I made a list of all the steps I went through when I published Blog Events. I did that yesterday after a Twitter conversation on Sunday inspired the idea.

      Is your mastermind group not meeting anymore? You should jooooin us.

      • Oh crap. Maybe I do that showing off with all the heatz and stuff. I’ll watch myself.

        Oh! Matching wavelengths for the wine! 😀

        It is, but it isn’t. A lot of our gals travel which makes it hard to meet up. I think it’s been three months or so since we’ve seen each other. I will totally ‘splode in on your guys’ party!! (I mean if that’s cool and all. I’ll also bring cookies).

        • Meh. It gets HOT where you are. I’ll allow it. I’ve just gotten some unsympathetic people tweet me after I talk about how cold it is. (“Just wear layers. You’ll be fine.”) So I stopped talking about it.

          We’re having one at the end of August. I will talk to Stephanie and Corey to see what they think. 🙂

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