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Scarlet the rescue dog

Newsletter is such an icky word, isn’t it? Let’s call it EMAIL FUN instead.

Every month, I send out an email packed full of my writing progress, what I’m reading, a Scarlet picture*, and if you’re lucky (and I’m productive), information about my latest release. All you’ve got to do is enter your first name—if you like—and your email address below. You’ll even get a Scarlet picture as a thank you—and a free copy of One Night, a 10k short story set in the Brewing in the Cities series.

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I won’t spam you (both kinds of spam are gross), and the only person who will ever see your email address besides me is Scarlet, and last time I checked, she doesn’t know how to use a computer.

*For reference, this is Scarlet.

Scarlet the rescue dog