My Road to Conversational Blogging

Posted July 18, 2013 by Amanda Shofner in Blogging / 4 Comments


I have a confession: my blog posts used to be boring. I was stuffy, formal, and not worth listening to.

It’s not that what I wrote was crap–it’s that how I presented my material was crap. And how you present information is just as important as what you write.

When you go to school, the teacher who spends the entire hour lecturing puts you to sleep. The teacher who finds a way to connect with you and make the content relevant to your life energizes you. Same content, different approach. As a former teacher, I should’ve applied the same principle to blogging.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I chased what I thought was expected of me: buttoned-up, corporate, and informational posts. It was, dare I say it, academic. Probably not surprising after spending a couple years immersed in grad school, but not exactly excusable, either.

Adopting a conversational style in blogging is all about knowing who you’re writing for and how to make a connection with them.

There’s a reason we fall asleep while reading textbooks and academic articles.

It’s not enough to say something; you must say it in a way that matters to the people you’re writing for. And you must do it while being you.

When I took Brandgasm 101, Ash Ambirge said, “Your voice is your personality on paper.”

This is the key to conversational blogging–this is what I had been missing from my posts. I’d already started moving in that direction before Brandgasm, but I needed the reaffirmation.

People don’t want to be talked at. They don’t want academic drivel.

They want me.

As if we were sitting down over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and talking about life. Or language. Or the really weird and horrifying book I just read and reviewed with Kelly.

They don’t want the scholarly, boring me. (She exists, trust me. She’s the one who can spend an hour researching a grammatical problem, which is, curiously enough, why we don’t charge per hour.)

Conversational blogging is all about putting yourself into the post and connecting with your readers. It’s about having a conversation with your readers. No lectures. No sales pitches. Just a conversation with some of your people. Everyone needs to have people.

Think of your favorite blogs. What is it about those blogs that sticks out to you? Why do you keep coming back to it? I bet its conversational style has something to do with it.

How do you adopt a conversational style in blogging?


4 responses to “My Road to Conversational Blogging

  1. Werd up for writing with personality! I’m a fan of writing how I speak, which usually means lots of interruptions and parenthesis. Probably not the most “correct” way to do things, but hey, I find it fun to read! 😛

    • I think writing with personality requires you to toss some writing “rules” out the window. Interruptions and parentheses (when not overused) are great for showcasing your personality. 🙂

  2. Absolutely yes. My favorite bloggers are those ones that I feel like I can talk about by their first name and follow their personal lives just as much as I do the actual topic of the blog. If we wanted stuffy there are enough newspaper articles and essays to read. That’s not what blogging is about.

    • Blogging is really about making connections and establishing relationships–and that’s why we twine our personal lives into blogging (or our online presence in connection to blogging) It just makes sense, yo.

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