You Create the World You Live In

Posted March 17, 2014 by Amanda Shofner in Musings. Disregard unless interesting. / 4 Comments


I have never known the weather to change simply because we complain about it. I have known plenty of situations that seem worse than they actually are because all we do is complain about them.

You create the world you live in.

You don’t control the weather or people or any number of other variables, but you do control how you react to situations. If this winter is any indication, we live in a society of complainers who think the world should go as we want it to go when we want it to go.

Ha. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that life isn’t fair?

Social media has given us a forum for venting our every “injustice,” and our culture has embraced this negativity with our whole beings. But the truth is that what you surround yourself with is the kind of life you’ll have.

If you view every day as a pain because the weather is abysmal, you will have abysmal days. If you choose to seek out positive situations, you’ll find your days aren’t so bad after all. Even if the weather outside isn’t so hospitable. The more you find wrong with your life, the more that will be wrong.

And when you complain, you drag everyone around you down. Stop complaining. Everyone’s experiencing some kind of “bad” winter. You’re not experiencing anything unique. You’re not special in your trials and tribulations. And you’re certainly not going to change the weather by complaining about it.

It’s not easy to focus on the positive. And negativity is more attractive to us than the positive. It’s time to rise above it. If you hate your life, it’s not because your life is worth hating. It’s because you choose to focus on the bad. No life is perfect. Shit happens. You’ll never be able to control it all. Stop expecting to.

Tell me something positive.


4 responses to “You Create the World You Live In

  1. Tara

    Penelope wants to play and cuddle so adorably and perfectly today. I have SO much to do to get ready for starting work next week, instead of stressing I’m soaking up every minute today!

    • Shocking!

      Thank you! I used to be part of the more bitching, less doing camp, so it’s doubly difficult to watch other people go through it, especially when it plays out on my social networks. But it’s something that keeps me happy, even when things aren’t necessarily going the way I’d like.

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