First Line Friday — Courting the Flames (Raulf Legacy #1)

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Ready for something a little different than normal? GOOD! So am I.

First Line Friday is all about sharing the first line(s) of your WIP. Today I thought I’d share with you the first line of Courting the Flames, which is book 1 in the Raulf Legacy series.


Want to know more? Here’s the synopsis:

For her, family is everything.

As the daughter of a duke, Lady Miranda Raulf leads a comfortable life with a tight-knit family. But appearances can be deceiving. When her fire element spins out of control, it reveals a deeper secret, sending her reeling and her cousin fleeing. Before her element retest, Miranda must find her cousin and manage the rebellious fire burning inside. To do so, Miranda will have to trust her element tutor with her family’s secrets.

For him, family is a burden.

Kieran Blane wishes for a life – and family – like Miranda’s. Conscripted into service by a scheming mother, he prepares young nobles for their element tests. Miranda could never just be another student, however, and the more time he spends with her, the more he’s drawn in her sphere.

When conflicting definitions collide, the sparks fly.

As they work together to calm her element and find her cousin, bigger obstacles land in their path. If Kieran can’t convince Miranda to embrace her destiny, a destiny that will rock the entire nobility, she might destroy what she most holds dear… and he might lose out on the best thing to happen to him.

For other great first lines, check out participating authors Kelly Apple, Christi Snow, and Mandie Nicole.

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