Goals: the 2014 Edition

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My goal this year is pretty simple:

Build my community and email list

I have a reason for doing this (beyond the goal of being successful in business), but that’s a 2015 goal and not something I’m going to share… yet.

But here’s how I’m going to accomplish it:

6 webinars

January, February, March, June, September, and October are webinar months.

January is about the editing process and self-publishing. Other potential topics throughout the year include content creation, writing process, self-editing, blog events, and what I’ve learned about book marketing.

3 writing and editing events centered around NaNoWriMo

April, July, and November are all NaNoWriMo months. Those will be writing support months. May, August, and December will be editing support months.

I’ll have more fun details once I get everything sorted out… including a name.

2 fiction books

Yeah. I’m going to publish two fiction books. I wrote and published two non-fiction books in 2013, so I want to work on fiction books this year. It’s important for me to work through the writing, editing, and self-publishing process myself.

Potential release dates are May and August.


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