The most grandest of NaNoWriMo plans

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In case you haven’t looked at a calendar recently, allow me to tell you the date: November 1st. To the writing community, that signals the beginning of NaNoWriMo, the month of novel writing.


And given that I haven’t devoted a blog post to discussing my projects or what I’m writing on since JANUARY (ouch) (*blushes*), I figured now is a good time.

Yeah. January Amanda thought the year was going to be her writing and publishing year. It wasn’t. But that’s not this post.

Brewing in the Cities books

You’ve probably heard me discuss Redemption. It’s the first book in my Brewing in the Cities series, a romantic suspense affair. This book should be with my betas RIGHT NOW, and I’ll begin on book 2 (which has a title, but not a page on my website yet).

My goal for November? Draft as much of book 2 as possible. That means at least 50,000 words, but if I can swing 70,000, that would be cool, too.

It’ll probably be 50,000. Ha. The most I’ve ever written in a month was 62,000 words, so reaching 70k is a long shot. Doesn’t mean I won’t give a try, though. I should have a good chunk of book 2 planned, and actually getting to writing the story will help shape the rest of it as I go along.

The “One” short story series

I wrote a short story called One Night, which is set in the Brewing in the Cities world. If you’ve read it (and yes, it’s possible for you to read it now!), you know that Tony and Drea’s story isn’t over. They actually have TWO more short stories (conveniently to fall between each full-length Brewing in the Cities novel) yet to come: One Year and One Lifetime.

See what I did there?

One Year will be my “back up” for November, in case I get stuck on book 2 or just want a break.

Are you writing this year for NaNoWriMo? Let’s hang out and cheer each other along! You can find me under the username amshofner.

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