Hidden Illusions Paperback Now Available!

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Hidden Illusions by Amanda Shofner

I’m happy to announce that the paperback for Hidden Illusions is now available! And it’s gorgeous… maybe even more than Elusive Memories. *gasp gasp*

You can get your copy on Amazon US (list price: $9.99) or Amazon UK (list price: £6.42).

If you’re in Canada, or you use B&N or Book Depository, it takes a bit longer to show up in the online stores. But no worries: if you want to be notified, email me at hello[at]amandashofner[dot]com and tell me which place you’re purchasing from, and I’ll email (or tweet) you the link as soon as I have it.

A few people have asked which format (ebook or paperback) best benefits me. The truth is, if you’re ordering through Amazon, my cut is nearly the same, so stick with whichever format you want. Buying from Amazon (especially if you buy other books at the same time) helps to place my book in front of more potential buyers.

But honestly? Buying my books supports me. Period. THANK YOU.

PS. I will sign paperbacks, but I’m not selling them through my website, so you’ll have to track me down or make an arrangement. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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