Hidden Illusions Update + Release Date

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Yes, release date! Beware that it’s a tentative date. I may be ahead of schedule now, but what happens next depends on other people’s schedules and the amount of editing Janey’s story needs. Anything’s possible. But if all goes according to plan, you’ll see Hidden Illusions on…

December 26.

Yes, the day after Christmas. So you can spend all your hard-earned gift cards to keep you busy over the weekend.

If you follow my Facebook page (If not, it’s an easy fix), you know I triumphantly announced I completed my first draft. It clocked in at 55,251 words. It’s longer than Elusive Memories at this point, though that doesn’t mean much. Because… completing the draft doesn’t mean I’m ready to publish—and it’s the reason my release date is at the end of December.

Here’s what has to happen between now and December 26:

  • A week’s break from the story (happening as we speak—er, as I type)
  • A full read through, at which time I’ll create a “needs to be fixed” list
  • Edits and feedback from my alpha reader
  • Self-edits to fix problems
  • Beta edits
  • Copy edits
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading

And that’s just story wise! I get to work with my cover designer to bring Janey to life, write a novella that I *hope* will go in the Hidden Illusions paperback (If not, it’ll be an ebook), and plan my marketing.

Got questions about Hidden Illusions?

Drop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them (without, you know, revealing anything spoiler-ish).

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