Hidden Illusions and Writing Projects Update for December

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HiddenIllusionsFLFHidden Illusions is coming.

*evil author cackles*

Hidden Illusions is getting to the point in the publishing process where all the fun is happening and the moving parts are coming together. Here’s some information you may want:

• The official—exclusive—cover reveal will be December 10th at Supernatural Snark.

• The Hidden Illusions Kindle book will be up for pre-order. I’ll share that link starting December 10th.

• Once I get edits back from my copy editor, I’ll send out eARCs.

• Elusive Memories will be on sale for $1.99 the 15th-19th.

• I’ll post the deleted prologue from Hidden Illusions December 17th.

• At some point, I’ll release the first chapter. When? Who knows! It’ll be a surprise.

And then there’s my NEW STORY

NEW STORY is how I refer to it. It captured my attention, so I dropped the idea of writing one last novella in The Hunted series and began planning an eight-book series. I’m just shy of 8,000 words at the moment, which means I’m 8% of the way complete! I have no idea when I’ll finish, but rest assured, I’m writing as fast as I can.

As for the series, I’ve been building a series inspiration board on Pinterest, now titled with its tentative series name. (You’ll have to click through to find it out because I’m mean that way.)

Got a question I didn’t answer here? Ask away!

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