March Report Card + April Goals

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To make it easier, I’ve decided to combine these posts into one.

March Report Card

• Put book 1 in the hands of my beta readers [COMPLETED]

Already got feedback from two betas and anxiously awaiting the rest. I’m excited about the feedback I got and can’t wait to dive back in and fix what needs to be fixed.

•  Start promoting The Writing Sidekick [COMPLETED]

We kicked off yesterday with goal setting and I am SO EXCITED to begin.

• Write April posts [COMPLETED]

• Draft emails for The Writing Sidekick [COMPLETED]

Other notable happenings…

April Goals

Oh, April. So much potential for this month.

• Write 30,000 words in book 2

I’m actually starting all over with book 2, so… this month could be interesting. Still, I attended a webinar on Scrivener this weekend and worked on prewriting and planning. I’m feeling good about this.

• Draft emails for May event

• Send book 1 to copy editor

I’m supposed to get feedback from my betas by April 15th, so I’m hoping that I’ll have everything ready in time to send it off to the next stage by the end of this month.


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