Marketing Strategy Sessions for Authors

Amanda Shofner | The Path of Least RevisionYou’re a writer, not a marketer.

Put yourself in front of a blank document or an empty piece of paper and you know what to do.

But out there on the Internet? It’s a whole other world. One that you can’t write–or control the rules of.

Marketing has the same weight and texture of a forbidden and dirty word. One that you utter occasionally, but that dredges up mixed feelings of shame and the thrill of getting reactions.

Because as much as you know you need to market, you haven’t figured out how to do it effectively and in the right spots.

And like a well-placed swear word, well-placed marketing is powerful.

Marketing is just a fancy word for showing the world how awesome you are and why your awesome matters. Because you are and it does.

Why shouldn’t you flaunt it?

It’s time to embrace self-promotion. Time to break down the fears and barriers surrounding marketing–and get yourself a strategy.

Strategies are useful. They win wars. And they win fans, followers, and buyers. Because all those things? They’ll keep you writing. And isn’t that what being an author is about?

Here’s how it works:

-You fill out a questionnaire designed to get a handle on what you’re doing¬†right now.

-I check out what you’re doing and create a list of suggestions to wow your fans and get them scrambling for more.

-We meet to discuss the suggestions. You tell me what you think. We make tweaks. I answer questions. We position you to make the biggest impact possible.

You put everything into practice and enjoy marketing effectively.


Ready to share your awesome with the world or need more information?

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