What Mel from Redemption is thankful for

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Hey everyone! Mel, here. You may not know me, but you’ll find me as the lead (YES, LEAD, because Ian refuses to participate in this list-making torture, so I can say whatever I want) in Amanda Shofner’s book Redemption. She asked me to pop by today to talk about what I’m thankful for while she’s celebrating Thanksgiving with her family.

Seriously. Authors. Making their characters do all the work. Like I don’t have my own things to do.

These are the things I’m thankful for…

…my mom

HI, MOM, I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. But there is the slight issue of Mitch. So it’s kind of a wash.

…Ian’s freckles

Because *fans self* (No, Mom, I’m not explaining. Okay fine, it’s because I’m wearing too many layers and it’s warm at Ian’s. Yeah, I’ll take a layer off now.)


This man, you guys. He is more than the object of my freckle obsession. (Although you know I’ve explored those freckles. ON HIS FACE, MOM.) Seriously, I can’t even put into words what Ian means to me. (Amanda wants me to add that you should read Redemption for the details. Which, whatever, I guess she has to say as the author. If you’re okay with perving on the intimate details of Ian’s life and mine.)


Because he gave us Jase. And—COVER YOUR EYES, MOM—he keeps Mom off my back. Mostly. Sort of. It’s more because of Jase. And because older brothers invariably make their younger sisters look fantastic. (I don’t have to explain how, Mitch, THIS IS MY LIST. You should be thankful you’re even ON it.)

…the Ian-Tony bromance

Have you even SEEN these two together? If you have, you know what I’m talking about. (Ian, it’s totally acceptable to be in a bromance. It’s sexy. For me. I’ll explain later. Words may not be involved. *wink*)


Lily and Drea, THIS IS FOR YOU, GIRLFRIENDS. You know I couldn’t do this without you. xoxo


Without it, this list would be a series of unintelligible grunts.

…my ability to brew beer

Despite what other people *cough*momandsometimesmitch*cough* say, my beer is going to rock this city. JUST YOU WAIT.

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