More Scarlet Tales (and #FitReaders)

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By now, it’s no secret: I’m rather fond of Scarlet, my dog. What you may not know (unless maybe you follow my occasional Instagram stories or Scarlet’s account) is that we frequently go on walks.

But Mom, I want to sniff THIS TREE.

We’re out every day as long as the weather permits. We can tackle just about everything, except below zero temps (or wind chill) or super heavy rain—both lead to me carrying Scarlet home. Yes, it’s happened before! My dad gifted me with ice trekkers this Christmas, so icy conditions no longer stop us. And my mom gifted me a super awesome neck warmer.

How to stay warm in a Minnesota winter

And with local shops (like our liquor and hardware stores) that are dog-friendly, we even occasionally combine walks with errands.

While Scarlet and I get out every day, one thing we don’t do is track our walks. Which is where #FitReaders comes in. #FitReaders has been around for a while, but this the first time I’m throwing myself into it. I’m already walking, so why not?


Hosted by Felicia at Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog and Jen at That’s What I’m Talking About, #FitReaders is a flexible virtual challenge to you know, get fit, however works for you.

You can check out more info about the challenge on Felicia’s #FitReaders page.

I don’t have any firm goals, either in terms of mileage or number of times Scarlet and I walk. Scarlet and her energy levels dictate a lot of what we do—and once it gets nicer, we’ll head to the dog park regularly again. Unfortunately, last I heard, our favorite one was like an ice rink, which is not so good when there are hills to climb.

Our usual walk is probably about a mile (I have yet to track it), our slightly longer walk is just about 2, but thanks to #FitReaders, we will occasionally push ourselves to hit 5k. We’ve already had a 3.5 mile this month!

Here’s to looking forward to more walks in 2017!

Scarlet waits for her slow-poke mom to get ready.


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