October 2013 Goals

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Every month, I meet with the lovely Stephanie Cleary and Corey Freeman to discuss how we’re going to become millionaires.

Here’s what I decided I needed to accomplish in October, and some explanation or reasoning behind the goals.

Get Freshbooks

Because I’m in love with the 50 cent flat fee. And I need something more professional looking than PayPal

• Research (and get) health insurance

Fairly obvious, yes?

• Publish the next ebook

I think my timeline is flexible enough that I can make this happen.

• Host another webinar

Ha. Oh, you guys. Let’s hope my Internet doesn’t decide to crap out on me fifteen minutes before I’m supposed to start this time.

• Outline and plot one story idea for NaNoWriMo

I need to stop talking about writing and start actually preparing myself to make it happen.

Yoga every day—no more excuses!

I stopped my sun salutations every day after I got sick and [insert more excuses here]. I want to get back into it, especially now that fall is here and I need something to help with the mental health.

What are YOUR goals this month?


4 responses to “October 2013 Goals

  1. What’s a Freshbook?

    And goals? What are goals? Pffft. (Just kidding – you already know I have goals going on in my head – but I like this whole idea of writing them down. It kind of makes you more accountable, eh?).

    • Freshbooks is an invoicing system. It’s an alternative to PayPal.

      Writing my goals down definitely makes me more accountable. That’s why I like doing it. 🙂 I can keep coming back to my post to remind myself of what I need to do.

  2. Yep. I’m pretty excited about ALL of these.

    I do all my time tracking, invoicing, and estimates through FreshBooks. Love it.

    And of course excited as all get out and about writingish plans!

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