What’s the path of least revision about, anyway?


Being on the path of least revision isn’t about editing less—it’s about spending less time revising your self-publishing strategy.

And yeah, publishing includes writing and editing.

Let’s get one thing straight: Launching your career as an indie author requires an enterprising spirit. If you can’t commit to writing and learning how to operate as a small business, you’re better off keeping writing as a hobby. (Which is totally acceptable, by the way, if that’s what you want.)

If you’ve dropped “aspiring author” like a bad boyfriend and embraced “indie author” as a title—whether you’ve officially self-published or not—then come a little closer, dearie. *pats seat*

The first rule of being on the path of least revision? Mindset is everything.

The second is, failure is inevitable on the road path to success. But it won’t stop you.

You have a story to tell, a message to share. And you’re ready for any obstacle life might throw at you.

I’m here to help. When you work with me, this is what you can count on:

• Someone who understands where you’re at

Not only have I written and self-published books myself—heck yes indie author!—but I’ve also worked in a book marketing office, and have commiserated with just about every struggle we authors face.

• A better self-publishing strategy

The biggest mistake indie authors make? Wanting to rush the process. I’ll help you slow down and plan ahead, so you can rock your book (and career!) launch.

• Less hair pulling over grammar and those nit-picky language issues

I research those for fun. (But I also hate long-winded, technical explanations, so if I have a correction, my explanation won’t make your eyes glaze over. Promise.)

• Kicks in the rear end

If you’re reading this, you’re not writing. And your book won’t write itself. It’d be nice if it dropped out of your brain though, wouldn’t it? Sometimes you need a friendly push in the right direction. Don’t worry. It’s all love, no violence.

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