Progress Report: April Goals

Posted April 15, 2014 by Amanda Shofner in Goal Tracking / 0 Comments

Here’s how I’m rocking April:

• Write 30,000 words in book 2 [18,039/30,000]

I’m ahead of my goal so far, but I’ve slowed down over the past few days, and I expect that to continue as I tackle edits on Elusive Memories. But I’m pretty sure I can still make it happen.janey

• Draft emails for May event [3/4]

Turns out I had one drafted already, so I wrote two others. The remaining one involves a checklist, so it’ll require a little extra work and research on my part.

• Send book 1 to copy editor

I’ve got the feedback from my betas and a list of everything that needs to be fixed, so I’m feeling good about this. If I can tackle this within the next two weeks, I should be good.


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