Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle {Review}

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Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle

In a previous reading post, I talked about my love of Katie Ruggle’s book—the first one in her Search and Rescue series. At the time, I hadn’t had a chance to work my way through the series. That changed. So when I found Run to Ground, the first book in a new series from Katie Ruggle, on NetGalley, I jumped on the chance.

I didn’t think Katie Ruggle could get any better. I was wrong.

After Ruggle’s Search and Rescue series, I was eagerly anticipating her next. The Colorado mountains, sexy police officers, dogs, and danger? Sign. Me. Up. Run to Ground is the start of a series that promises to be heart-stopping, for its suspense and romance.

Theo and Viggy, recovering from the death of their partner, are in rough shape, at least until Jules shows up. Jules is packing a whole lot of secrets with her and her siblings, and that colors her interactions with Theo. But the two are drawn to each other, and sparks fly. In some cases, literally.

Despite a resolution and expected HEA, there’s enough left unresolved that I wouldn’t be surprised if complications from Jules’s past pop up in future books. In fact, I’m counting on it.

Read more about Run to Ground on Goodreads.

Recommended for romantic suspense readers who enjoy rugged settings, uniformed men, and dogs.


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