Stop Justifying Your Process and WRITE

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I’ve noticed a trend with writers. And honestly, it’s not just writers, but with bloggers and people in general, but this for YOU, dear writer. No matter what it is you write, this applies to you.

Writers spend an awful lot of time justifying their writing process

What do I mean by “justifying”? Explaining. Pointing out differences between their process and others’.

Writers, and humans in general, want to fit in. We’re quick to point out our faults or differences because we’re ashamed or self-conscious. Or we wish we did it like “everyone else” even as we acknowledge that everyone is unique.

And all it amounts to is negative self-talk and minimal—if any—writing

Stop being so worried about what other people think. Write your book. Justifying the way you work won’t help you write. And really, though people might be interested in how you work, no one cares how you do it, as long as you write.

Every writer has her own way of writing. The only weird and wrong way to write is to not write.

Own your way. Seriously. Take ownership of it. Accept it. Dive into it with gusto and write the best book possible. It won’t happen when you’re preoccupied with doing it wrong or weird or different from everyone else. There are a million different ways to write, and the only one that matters is the one that works for you, right here and now.

I give a lot of advice on this blog, but the truest, most important advice is this:

Do what works for you

Do what works for you and write. All advice is born of personal experience and observation. Pick and choose what feels right for you and discard the rest. And WRITE. Just write. That’s the most important part of writing.

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