Tag Line Tuesday — Elusive Memories

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Tag Line Tuesday

Tag Line Tuesday is all about sharing the—you guessed it—tag lines from books. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about a book; our tag line could be about characters, series, or settings. Whatever helps us create buzz about our writing.

To kick off the inaugural Tag Line Tuesday, I’ve chosen Elusive Memories, which seems fitting, since it was my debut novel.

Elusive Memories

Her missing memories hold the key to her freedom… and the fate of the Gifted.

Sound fun, RIGHT?

Here’s the synopsis:

One false move — or trusting the wrong person — can turn the Gifted into the hunted.

Captured by the Northern Alliance Betterment Society, a group more dedicated to murder than betterment, memory-bringer Sam Benson’s in trouble. She doesn’t know where she is or, more importantly, who she is. With her memories gone, she must piece together the details of her life before they take it from her.

But there’s more at stake than Sam’s life…

Now that she’s been dragged into the war between the Gifted and the Northern Alliance Betterment Society, Sam realizes how much is riding on her ability to escape. As the conflict escalates and new players stand in her way, she must find a way to take charge of the fate of the divided Gifted people.

Sam might crumble under the pressure… or rise up to give the Gifted a fighting chance.

And you can grab a copy of your own… go on, the ebook is free!

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