Tag Line Tuesday: One Love

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Tag Line Tuesday

When I talked about my plans for 2017, I teased the Tony and Drea compilation story.

I’m going to tease you a little more today. BUT FIRST. A title!

One Love

Yes, the Tony and Drea series (which you’ll find listed as the Brewing in the Cities Shorts on my site and on Goodreads) will be bundled as One Love.

At the moment, there’s no cover. Although one is being created by my amazing book cover designer. I have a synopsis, but I’m not going to share that today.

Today’s about the TAG LINE. Which is this:

Be witness to the evolution of a relationship.

One Love spans a good chunk of Tony and Drea’s relationship, from their first night, to their first year, to their final reach for an HEA.

While you’ll find all three stories have their own covers and pages on my site (and Goodreads!), they won’t be for individual purchase. Anyone subscribed to my email fun list receives a copy of One Night, as well as the other two. For free.

Whenever I *ahem* a) hook up the automation for One Year and b) finish One Lifetime, and well, probably also c) hook up the automation for One Lifetime.

Here’s the deal with that:

While I always love to make a sale (what author doesn’t, really?), I also want to reward subscribers to my email list. They’re my super fans. They get access to news and writing that the rest of you don’t. (Sorry, not sorry.)

In theory, you can get started on the One Love compilation NOW by heading over to my email fun list (or the One Night page) and signing up. Or you can wait until I publish One Love. OR BOTH. Your choice.

If you’re on my email list and somehow didn’t get your copy of One Night, I can fix that, too. Send me an email, along with the ebook format you need, and I’ll hook you up.

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