The Real Truth About My September 2013 Goals

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Had my meeting with Stephanie and Corey yesterday, so I figure it’s time to recap.

Even though I was sick for more than a week, I managed to hustle at the end of the month and get shit done.

Finish the re-write of ebook [COMPLETE]

I can’t tell you how proud of myself I was for doing this. I battled a few demons and a cold to get it done.

• Give ebook a title [COMPLETE]

The Blogger’s Mindset. Not the most interesting, I fear, but it’ll have to do.

• Contact cover designer to get cover for ebook [COMPLETE]


• Decide on two beta readers: one business, one book blogger [COMPLETE]

I have not just two beta readers, but THREE. Overachiever is my middle name.

• Consider where to take services (editing plus writing and blogging?) [COMPLETE]

Added blogging and writing strategy sessions, plus blog management.

Go for a walk, for a bike ride, or other non-working adventure three times/week [COMPLETE]

A lot of these involved taking the afternoon off, but I’m okay with that. I need the break, apparently.

 Notable September events:

• I talked myself into hosting a webinar

• I ran (and survived) a 5k. Errr…. I walked and sprinted the 5k. Minor details.

• Rediscovered my love for the library and maybe even got a little impassioned about the importance of books and why banning books is hurtful.

• The boyfriend and I celebrated seven years.


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