Wherein I Learn How My Writing Has Evolved

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5th Grade Amanda

My love for writing grew out of my love for reading. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I do remember a story involving being whisked away from my elementary school to a magical land, so I had to be 10 or younger when the writing bug hit.

Which is why I got rather excited when I discovered 5th grade writings in the course of some cleaning for the 30-day clutter clearing challenge hosted by Heather Scott. (I recommend it, by the way.)

Because 5th grade Amanda had the passion of a writer, but not necessarily the skill.

5th grade Amanda’s thoughts on the first day, bad grammar, spelling, and all:

Then we went to school. Then my thoughts came to me. This could be the worse day of my life. I felt really werid because I’m not used to going to school.

5th grade Amanda was a little dramatic about first days, I think. “Then my thoughts came to me! This could be the worst day of my life!”

Here’s what passed as story telling in an essay about DARE:

Here is a story I would like to tell you. One time I was at a restaurant. My dad said that we will sit in the smoking section. I didn’t want too. Well, there was one smoker there. At first I was doing fine, but then I couldn’t breathe very well. So I told my dad and we went to the smoking section.

But I also had some important thoughts about my involvement (or lack thereof) with drugs:

I pledge to be drug free. I learned the consequences of drugs and how to avoid them. I learned different kinds of pressure. There are so many kids dying of drugs and I don’t want to be one of them.

And probably the best:

“Today at the Most Famous Explorer Award Convention,” exclaimed the speaker. “we will decide who was the most famous explorer!”

Then all of a sudden all the explorers BUMPED into each other!

Ponce de Leon murmured, “I will win for sure win. I discovered new land, was the governor of Puerto Rico, and sailed with Columbus.”

“No, I will win this for sure. I proved the world was round, even though I was killed in the Indies,” Magellan shouted at Ponce de Leon.”

-the fighting continues in this vein with explorers boasting of their accomplishments for an entire page-

When they all stopping fighting, the speaker shouted in the microphone, “I now will announce the winner of the Most Famous Explorer Award. And it is …… COLUMBUS!” he shouted in the microphone.

Columbus heard this and jumped for joy. Then he walked away. Vespucci says, “Lets go talk to Columbus.” They raced over to Columbus. They exclaimed, “Columbus I knew you would win!”

I like to think my writing has improved somewhat since 5th grade. Tell me: do you keep writing from grade school? And do you go back and read it?


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