Writing and Projects Update for Oct. 2014

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*emerges from editing brain fog*

*frolics across the page*

I’m more than a little happy (and possibly also loopy) to have survived self-edits of Hidden Illusions (HI, for future reference). This post is for YOU, so you know what’s happening with HI, what you can do while you wait for it to be released, and what comes after The Hunted.

HI in the publishing process

  • A version of HI is with my beta readers
  • I begin writing a novella set after HI while I wait for feedback
  • My cover designer has been contacted to get rolling on a cover
  • HI is still on track to meet its December 26th release date… but that could change. I’m entering the part of the process that involves working with other people’s schedules, and I fully respect the strain my book puts on their to-do lists.
  • Revising based on beta feedback, copy edits, formatting, and proofreading have to happen next.

What you can do while you wait for HI to come out

  • Leave a review of Elusive Memories or The Unexpected Gift on your favorite review site (Goodreads, Amazon, or your blog) telling others what you liked and didn’t like—and why. Reviews help me sell more books!
  • Connect with me on Facebook (where I post updates on my books) and Twitter (where I share writing-related articles and talk with other readers/writers).

Books after The Hunted

I’m writing a new series! If you’ve already liked my Facebook page (link above), you know I’ve talked a tiny bit about the series. Here are MORE details. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s a historical paranormal (fantasy?) romance series. Yeah, romance. Scary, I know.

It follows the escapades of eight cousins who possess one of four elements (fire, water, air, earth) in a Victorian-esque world. I created an entirely new system of nobility, so it’s more paranormal/fantasy than historical, but the historical is a nod to the extreme number of historical romances I’ve read and loved the past year.

Each cousin gets her or his own book, so… eight books. It’s an intense process to build the world, create ALL the characters, and plot the stories, so it may take me a while to put out the first book. The GOOD news is that all my planning should pay off, and the time it takes to put out the second book won’t take as long.

I even started a few rough sketches of the characters and their world, so those have the potential to be turned into short stories, which may or may not get shared here as series extras.

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2 responses to “Writing and Projects Update for Oct. 2014

  1. Chris

    Ooooooh – I’m really looking forward to your new series. I hope there will be lots of steamy sultry intense eye contact. That will do it for me.

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