7 tidbits you may not know about One Love

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Ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at how a book comes to be? You know, beyond the whole writing part of it? Well, here’s One Love.

1. One Love really started with One Night

In historical romances, the idea that a man might pay a woman to spend the night with him (even non-sexually) isn’t that far-fetched.

But what if, I thought one early weekend morning while lounging in bed, that premise was transplanted in modern times? What would drive a man to hire a woman to spend the night? What kind of woman would accept?

Those questions led to creating Tony and Drea, and their story begins with One Night.

2. One Night, One Year, and One Lifetime were supposed to be released individually

Once I knew One Night couldn’t be the end of Tony and Drea’s story—there was no way to write a satisfying (and not instalove-ish) ending for those two—I decided I needed two more short stories: One Year and One Lifetime. My original intention was to release each story in between the full-length novels of Brewing in the Cities.

That didn’t happen. I don’t think anyone’s disappointed by it.

3. Mel and Ian from Redemption may have stolen a good chunk of page time in One Year

But hey—sometimes you need friends to push you in the right direction.

4. Tony and Ian have a sweet, sweet bromance

This is most prominent in One Year. I’m not the only one who thinks so—to echo one reviewer: Bromancing, FTW!

It’s also possible that Ian quotes a Beyonce lyric, but you’ll have to read One Love to find out.

5. One Year took 2 weeks to write . . . One Lifetime took 2 months

Once I went all in on writing all three short stories, One Year practically flew out of my head and onto the screen. One Lifetime was much, much harder. I took a wrong turn in Kansas City and had to rewrite it.

6. I gave away One Night to all of my email fun list subscribers

Just one of the many perks for being a subscriber. (Other perks include pictures of Scarlet. Because Scarlet!) In fact, at some point, I’ll get my email list set up so that people can get all three short stories (i.e., the entirety of One Love) for free, just by signing up.

7.  One Love gave me a chance to see Mel and Ian from a different perspective

The Mel and Ian in One Love are technically post-Redemption. (Don’t worry, you won’t be spoiled on anything.) But writing them as support characters allowed me to realize their full potential—something that will be incredibly useful as I dive back into edits.

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One Love



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Release Date: February 26, 2017

Be witness to the evolution of a relationship…

One night for it to begin

When Tony Aguilar hires Andrea “Drea” DeMatteo, he’s willing to do just about anything to get a good night’s rest—including paying a woman money to spend the night, no sex involved. And Drea can’t afford to turn down Tony’s offer, no matter how bizarre it seems. But when the two meet, the potential for more takes them both by surprise.

One year for trouble to brew

All is not well in paradise. Time has passed, things have changed. Tony wants them to change even more. But when Tony’s mother drops by for a visit—a surprise to Drea, not Tony—the omission leads Drea on a journey she never thought she’d take. And it’s a journey that teaches Tony just what Drea means to him.

One lifetime for their love

Happily ever after may be in Tony and Drea’s future, as long as their secrets don’t get in the way.


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