(Brewing in the Cities #1)

They say you can never go back.

Eight years ago, Ian Anderson left Minneapolis and swore he’d never return, not when half the city still believes he killed his wife. But with his stint in the Air Force over and his uncle’s health failing, he buys a house and settles in, determined to discover who really committed the murder.

They say to love your neighbor.

Melanie Johnston likes her quiet life, with a good — if sometimes exhausting — job and big dreams, even if her family doesn’t quite get it. When Ian moves in next door, she finds it difficult to reconcile the gruesome murderer with her sweet neighbor who charms her nephew — and her.

They say the truth shall set you free.

When Melanie’s inadvertently put in the cross-hairs of an attempt on Ian’s life, she ignores all the well-intentioned advice aimed at her and dives into the investigation with Ian. The deeper they dig, the more someone doesn’t want them finding out the truth.

What begins as a chance of redemption turns into a fight for their lives.

Brewing in the Cities