Learn How to Market Your Book (Minus the Headaches)

You’d rather write than market your book.

But you’re smart. You know that marketing is a necessary evil if you’re going to sell books and be successful. Only you don’t want to be that author spamming everyone with pleas to “Buy my book!”

The good news? You don’t have to be. Between not marketing at all and annoying self-promotion, there’s intelligent marketing. That’s what build a better brand will teach you to do.

Marketing your books doesn’t have to be painful.

It all starts with learning the lay of the book market and finding where you stand. Once you know where you are, you can figure out where to go. Here’s how we start:

Day 1 — Learn from the greats.

If you want to know how to market your book, you’ll want to know how successful authors are marketing their books.

Armed with a downloadable chart, you’ll dig into the online presence of authors hitting it big with their books. This research provides the setup for your online presence.

Day 2 — Evaluate your author presence.

Once you know what others are doing, it’s time to turn the spotlight on yourself.

Using the same chart from day 1, you’ll evaluate your own online presence, noting where you excel and where you could use improvement.

Day 3 — Develop your writing brand.

The key to smart marketing? Understanding how to talk about your book. This day is all about defining your writing style and identifying which elements will resonate with your ideal readers. (And we’ll tackle who your “ideal reader” might be, too.)

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Not sure this is right for you?

The build a better brand course is best for fiction authors who:

—> Know they need to step up their marketing, but aren’t sure how

—> Write in one genre

—> Plan to make a career of publishing

—> Are looking for a non-smarmy way of marketing their books

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