State of the Amanda – August 2017

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It’s been a while. A looooooooong while. So what have I been up to? GLAD YOU ASKED.


Not much writing has happened lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work. A brief dive into my writing brand led to changing how I structure and frame my stories. I’ve also switched up a HUGE piece of the Brewing in the Cities series that means rewriting Redemption.

Yes, again.

Sometimes getting it right means it taking longer than you’d like. I’d promise that future books won’t take so long, but I’m not silly enough to make that promise. While you wait, make sure you grab a copy of One Love and enjoy the arc of Drea and Tony’s relationship.


Did you really think I’d go without mentioning Scarlet? I mean, she is one of the most interesting things about me.

Scarlet and I are all about getting out and exploring. (Except as I write this. She’s in her bed and snoring loudly right now.) We’ve hung out at local restaurants, walked to liquor stores—where counters equal treats!—and spent time on the porch.

We dog sat Scarlet’s BFF for a week and learned the household isn’t ready for a second dog. Three hours in, Scarlet peed in her BFF’s food dish. Thankfully after dinner was over. But still! A bold move, with me only a few feet away. And with remarkably good aim.


BOOKS! I’ve been listening to audiobooks on my work commute, and they really do make the drive less miserable! Julie James and Jill Shalvis have kept me company. My tastes seem to have veered into contemporary romance, but I’ve also recently enjoyed historical romances by a few of my favorites: Tessa Dare, Sarah MacLean, and Julia Quinn. (More on those books later.)


The biggest adventure? Another trip to Alaska this month. But I’ve also adventured to a few local breweries—I’m actually coming to like beer—and new restaurants around the Twin Cities. Little makes me happier than exploring and having new experiences.

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